Whimper Wall

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The Whimper Wall ice climb just right of the weeping wall.click to enlarge…
The Whimper Wall as viewed from the Weeping Wall parking lot.

Grade: III, WI4

Route Length: 100m

Approach: Park at the Weeping Wall parking lot along the Icefields Parkway, about 25 minutes North of the Saskatchewan River Crossing, or 15 minutes South of the Columbia Icefields. The Weeping Wall is the football field sized piece of ice right beside the road. Either walk down the road and then up to the route, or walk up to the Weeping Wall and traverse rightwards across the slopes until below the route.

Route Description: The longer left hand flow is the most commonly climbed, although the right hand route gets climbed as well. Two long pitches. Many penarties don’t climb the last few meters of steep ice.

Descent: Rappel.

Gear: Screws, perhaps some rock gear if it’s thin.

Objective Hazards: Some avalanche hazard during very heavy snow periods.

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