Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing Encyclopedia


Welcome to the online source for information about ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies. The focus of this site is on providing high quality route descriptions & photo’s for ice climbs in the Rockies of Alberta & BC, Canada. There is also a growing collection of area information, climbing tips & tricks, ice climbing stories, and more.  New information is being added all the time, so check back regularly!

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  • Ice Climbs – route descriptions, pictures, and other beta.
  • Articles – the latest tips, articles, lists, and more.
  • Links – other resources for planning your ice climbing trip to the Canadian Rockies.
  • Gear Deals – awesome deals on climbing gear from a variety of online retailors. Don’t pay full price when you can find it here for cheap!
  • Submit ( – help out by sending in your info, pictures, or articles.

ice climber in Nemesis, a classic ice route in the Canadian Rockies

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