Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing Encyclopedia

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Welcome to the online source for information about ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies. The focus of this site is on providing high quality route descriptions & photo’s for ice climbs in the Rockies of Alberta & BC, Canada. There is also a growing collection of area information, climbing tips & tricks, ice climbing stories, and more.  New information is being added all the time, so check back regularly!

LATEST UPDATES: Spray River FallsRoss Lake AreaPolar CircusFearful SymmetryRainbow SerpentAquariusMalignant MushroomBlessed RageLessons of Oka – Murchison FallsBut My Daddy’s a PsychoWeeping Pillar
  • Ice Climbs – route descriptions, pictures, and other beta.
  • Articles – the latest tips, articles, lists, and more.
  • Links – other resources for planning your ice climbing trip to the Canadian Rockies.
  • Submit ( – help out by sending in your info, pictures, or articles.

ice climber in Nemesis, a classic ice route in the Canadian Rockies

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