Bow Falls area

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Bow Falls and Gorby Falls ice climbsclick to enlarge…
Bow Falls & Gorby Falls

Uli's Revenge & U2 ice climbsclick to enlarge…
The unformed Uli’s Revenge

Grade: Various, see below

Route Length: 30-80m

Approach: Park at the road leading into NumTiJa Lodge, about 30 minutes north of Lake Louise on the Icefields Parkway (Hwy 93N).
Walk or ski across or around the lake depending upon the season, then continue up the valley to the routes. About 1 hour.

Route Description: See the pictures to figure out which route is which.

  • Jaws (III, W4+, 70m) – rarely forms. Skinny pillar on the wall quite a ways left of Bow Falls.
  • Bow Falls (III, W3, 80m) – the most popular of the bunch by far. Scenic but not very good climbing.
  • Gorby Falls (III, W3, 30m)
  • Uli’s Revenge (III, W5, 65m) – rarely forms
  • U2 (III M7+, W5+R, 60m) – the unformed version of Uli’s Revenge. Bolted.
  • With or Without You (III, M6+, W4+, 65m) – the ice to the left of Uli’s. Not really formed in the picture above. Bolted.

Descent: Rappel.

Gear: Screws.

Objective Hazards: Avalanche hazard on some of the routes.

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