Cosmic Messenger

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Cosmic Messenger ice climb on Mt. Murchison, Alberta click to enlarge…

Cosmic Messenger

Grade & Length: III, WI5, 50m

Cosmic Messenger, Imaginary Voyage, & Laughter in the Dark ice climbs. click to enlarge…

Cosmic Messenger area from the highway. The ice to the right is Imaginary Voyage (WI3) and is reported to be enjoyable. The ice above Imaginary Voyage is Laughter in the Dark (WI4) which isn’t always formed.

This route is located on Mt. Murchison, which is the peak on your right as you drop down the hill toward the Saskatchewan River Crossing coming from Lake Louise. The climb is visible for a brief section from the highway between Balfour Wall & Murchison Falls.

Find the drainage where you can see the route from the highway (as in the photo above), and park at the nearby pullout. Hike up either side of the drainage for a long ways to the routes, in one section you have to go around to the left to avoid a canyon feature. 1.5-2.5 hours depending upon snow.

Route Description:
Cosmic Messenger & Imaginary Voyage ice climbing routes click to enlarge…

Cosmic Messenger is the nice pillar on the left, Imaginary Voyage is the flow on the Right, and Laughter in the Dark is just visible above.

Cosmic Messenger is an excellent pillar that is much shorter than it looks from the road. Start out with some funky mushroom features, then head up the steep pillar to the top. It can hard for the grade at times.

Descent: Rappel.

Gear: Screws.

Objective Hazards: Big avalanche terrain from above, and avalanche slopes must also be crossed on the approach.

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