A Bridge Too Far

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A Bridge Too Far ice climb in Kananaskis. click to enlarge…

A Bridge Too Far, Pitch 1

Grade & Length: III, WI4, 300m

Approach: Park at Galetea Creek pullout (signed) as for Kidd Falls, 20 minutes along Highway 40 from the Trans-Canada.

Mountain Dew, A Bridge Too Far, and Kidd Falls on Mt. Kidd

Overview of ice climbs on South West side of Mt. Kidd.

Follow the hiking trail down and over a bridge crossing the Kananaskis River. Continue a minute further to the 1st bridge over the much smaller Galatea Creek. After crossing the bridge take the left turn following Galatea Creek (trail signs). Follow the well used trail for about 30 minutes to the 5th bridge across Galatea Creek (6th bridge of the day). The climb is visible in the avalanche path above. Hike up to the first pitch in another 20 – 30 minutes if travel is good.

A Bridge Too Far on Mt. Kidd, Kananaskis, AB

Looking up at the climb from the 5th Galatea bridge.

Route Description: One nice steep pitch at the bottom followed by lots of rambling and some WI3. It’s a fun route, especially if the first pitch is well formed.

If the bottom isn’t formed it is possible to scramble around either side to reach the upper climbing, but take your time to find a safe line. Some mixed climbs also exist behind the 1st pitch, see Mixed Climbs in the Canadian Rockies (Sean Isaac).

Descent: Rappel the route using trees, V-threads and some bolted stations. Some sections can usually be downclimbed.

Gear: Screws.

Objective Hazards: Avalanche hazard on the approach & from above the route. These cliffs get lots of sun so there may be occasional rock or ice fall.

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