Parallel Falls

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Parallel Falls from below.

Grade: IV, WI4

Route Length: 100m each

Approach: The routes are easily visible from the Burstall Pass parking area. Ski or snowshoe to the routes, follow your nose and it should only take about 1 hour.

Route Description: The right hand line is generally easier.

The left hand line has a suprisingly steep pillar at the top, or an alternate thin-ice/mixed finish behind the pillar that goes at about M4. If the ice isn’t thick enough for screws on the mixed finish then it is quite run-out, even with rock gear.

Both climbs can feel harder in thin or sunbleached conditions.

Descent: Rappel the routes.

Gear: Screws. Rock gear may be usefull if they are thin or you want to do the mixed finish on the left hand line.

Objective Hazards: Lots of avalanche hazard on the approach and from above

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