Rogan’s Gully

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Rogan's Gully & Cascade Falls near Banff, AB. click to enlarge…

Rogans Gully & Cascade Falls as viewed from the highway.

Grade & Length: II, WI2-3, 300m

Approach: The route is visible from Highway 1 to the left of the obvious Cascade Falls. Turn off the Trans-Canada Highway (#1) at the eastern of the 2 exits into Banff townsite. Head about 100m towards Lake Minnewanka and park at the first pullout on the left. The slot containing the routes is visible from here to the left of Cascade Falls. Walk across the meadow and up a trail to near the base of the Cascade, then head left through the trees to the start of Rogans. 20 minutes.

Route Description: A variety of fun steps lead up the canyon, often with sections of thin ice and even some mixed (5.4) early in the season. The last bit of ice is usually the steepest, although an easier option finishes out left. Some bolted anchors can be found along the way.

Rogan's Gully & Cascade Falls near Banff, AB. click to enlarge…

Looking down into the canyon at the options for the last pitch.

Descent: Either rappel the route on V-threads & bolted rock anchors, or walk a short ways Right to a trail which scrambles down through the trees (1 short rappel needed near the top, bolted).

Gear: Screws, including some stubbies.

Objective Hazards: Avalanche Hazard from above.

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